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Exclusive track released on the Waco Co-op Fall 06 local music compilation.


Faster and faster, more brick must be laid
It's a race for survival, death awaits in delay
No one else deserves to get there first
Make the walls taller!

Don't slack at our post, this right, ours from birth
Forsake what has been died for
Tossed out with no worth
We spit on their graves and deny our heritage
Make the walls taller!

Dividing earth we draw lines across land
Hoarding resources we hold in our hand
Hoarding the earth, the states foundation
Is violence and property, the rights of the nation

Barriers must be built, divisions maintained
This land is our land, there is much to be gained
And much to be lost if we open our gates
Make the walls taller!

There is starving outside and there will be within
Are we safe or imprisoned?
We watch from our throne
Inside of our walls waiting to die alone
Make the walls taller!

At what cost security,
At what cost protection?
Walls of safety or incarceration?
Not precept on precept
Or line upon line
But brick upon brick
Meant to keep them outside
Whose walls are the tallest?

Can I be safe at the expense of another?
Do we count the cost, do we recognize brother?
Not precept on precept
Or line upon line
But brick upon brick
Meant to keep us inside
Whose walls are the tallest?


released February 28, 2006
Jared Himstedt: guitar, vocals
Jason Himstedt, bass, vocals
Justin Clark: drums, vocals

engineered and recorded by Tim Jenkins at Silver Shoes Studios. Mixed by Tim Jenkins and the American Culture eXperiments. Mastered by Tim Jenkins.




the American Culture eXperiments Waco, Texas

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